Monday, December 2, 2013


I've been using Arduino to make handy little electronic things for a few months now, so it seemed like the time was right to make a home for all of my humble little creations.

I'm going to create a tag for each of the things you'll find here. At the moment, the list is…

  1. The J1772 Hydra - a box that will safely charge two electric vehicles from a single charging station
  2. The EV Sim Mark II - an electric vehicle simulator with pilot signal analyzer
  3. Toast-R-Reflow - a toaster oven reflow conversion system
  4. HandyTimer - a simple real time clock switching system
  5. BlinkyEarrings - my first attempt at a wearable - it's the tiniest blinky LED thing I could fashion
So why the name?

Arduino is what got me into the hardware design arena at all. Even though I don't do a lot of work with Arduino shields anymore, I still use their IDE and library system for all the firmware authoring and uploading. I exclusively use Atmel Mega8 and Tiny controllers (at least as of this writing). Arduino was an Italian creation, so Geppetto is a nod to Arduino's Italian origins. Geppetto hand-crafted a thing that wound up with a life of its own - a little bit like the firmware adds a modicum of intelligence to a controller, and the circuit into which it is embedded.

It's going to take some time to fill in the content here, and over time I hope that there will be more stuff added.

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