Friday, December 13, 2013

Basic Toast-R-Reflow controller design validated

Well, the Toast-R-Reflow project is now officially "ready for prime time."

The design of the power and controller boards and functionality of the firmware have been validated in the field, and that means that if you want to play with reflow paste, I've got a pretty good starting point.

Here's what you need:

  1. A toaster oven. I used the Hamilton-Beach 31138.
  2. A K type thermocouple. SparkFun sells them.
  3. An OpenEVSE LCD backpack. You can get those from the OpenEVSE store.
  4. A Toast-R-Reflow power board. You can get one from my SquareUp store as a kit.
  5. A Toast-R-Reflow controller board. You can one from my SquareUp store as well. Those come assembled and programmed because they're made from surface mount components, and if you're building a reflow oven that's a chicken-and-egg problem.
If you buy either board from my SquareUp store, it includes an instruction pamphlet as well. Of course, it's open hardware, so you're more than welcome to do it all yourself, if you prefer.

Now that the basic controller design has been validated, the next step is the all-in-one controller/backpack. Stay tuned…

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