Monday, December 9, 2013

AD8495 KickStarter

I've got the AD8495 breakout board listed in my Square store for $7.50 along with $6 for standard per-order shipping. That's based on single-unit-quantity pricing for the parts.

If I could buy 1000 of them, I could drop that price down to $5 each, and $2.50 shipping via first class mail - a $6 savings.

Of course, if I buy the parts for 1000 of them and nobody wants them, I've lost my shirt. I don't want that.

So I'm going to KickStarter. The project isn't up yet, but I anticipate it will be in a week or so. Backers can sign up to buy a complete breakout board for $5 + $2.50 shipping, and they'll ship basically as quickly as I can get the parts, assemble and build them (probably 3 weeks or so).

The AD8495 is a great alternative to the AD595, and at $5, this project is just a bit more than a third the cost. You need to use a thermocouple when you're planning on high temperature monitoring, like for a reflow oven. Feed it 3-30 VDC and you get out a voltage of 5 mV per ºC, ±3 ºC max (per the data sheet for the less expensive A grade part. The C grade is ±1 ºC, but it's twice as costly).

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