Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Today is a very "meta" day

The board for the first version of the reflow oven controller that actually had a chance of working arrived. And so the reflow oven controller on the breadboard toasted its last board - it created its own replacement.

From what I can tell, the AD8495 is doing its job perfectly. The software may need some tweaking, though, because the temperature being displayed doesn't really jive with the voltage being presented on the V.temp test point.

The latest firmware has some code in it that attempts to self-calibrate the D/A converter. That may be getting in the way. It seemed to help on the breadboard version of the circuit, though.

The board is going to get a couple of tiny tweaks, but I think the really big deal is going to be the LCD "backpack" version of the controller - the whole thing will be all-in-one!

Note that the thermocouple wires are just sort of stuck in the holes. The connectors for that haven't arrived yet.

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