Monday, December 29, 2014

OpenEVSE II - progress at last

After letting the prototype boards sit on my bench for almost six months, I finally got around to building them.

I've got to redo the voltmeter portion of the HV boards, so there will be a 0.3 board, but I think the 0.2 logic/display board is a keeper.

Here are some docs to peruse:

The relay board variant is designed to be used at both L1 and L2, but the relays are limited to 24A continuous (30A circuit breakers / fuses). The contactor board variant can be used with any line-powered contactor and the design imposes no current limit constraints beyond that of the contactor, AC and J1772 cables. But the contactor coil will likely only be usable for 208/240 volt power (you could get an 120V coil contactor, but for L1 you might as well use the relay variant).

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