Friday, June 27, 2014

International orders

A couple of folks from outside the United States have wanted to buy stuff from the store. Unfortunately, Square doesn't have any plumbing for that. But I'm happy to entertain international orders manually with PayPal. Here are the details:

I generally ship stuff with USPS flat-rate boxes, and internationally those cost $25 instead of $6. I will fill out an honest customs declaration form, so if that results in import duties for you, then that's something you'll need to deal with.

Of special note for those in the EU: My products are NOT RoHS compliant. I use tin-lead solder paste and have no plans to switch to RoHS solder any time soon. My understanding is that that means my products may not be imported into Europe. I'm not an expert on RoHS regulations, so whether my understanding is correct or not, I have no idea.

I'm willing to ship to any country that qualifies for the USPS flat rate $25 price. So far as I know, that's pretty much any country that isn't on the "naughty list," like Cuba, Iran or North Korea.

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