Saturday, February 8, 2014

Idea doldrums

I'm pretty happy with the stuff I've been able to design so far. But I feel stuck, a little. What's next?

I had thought of attempting to make a contemporary design of a vintage computer. Like a completely SMD CP/M machine. A Z-80 with 64K of RAM, say, 16K of flash and an SD card slot. But why? You can get a Raspberry Pi for $40 and run a Z-80 emulator on it. 

So I am in an idea vacuum. Anybody got any?


  1. Nick I could really use a design/board to efficiently drive a decently high powered DC motor (ie motor speed controller. I need to control a pair of wheel chair motors or similar size electric scooter motors etc. The plan is to build an RC/GPS autopilot lawnmower. I know I can use FETs or "smartFETS" but haven't worked with them before, so a nice canned circuit that can be driven by a Pi or Arduino (pwm ?) or a small potentiometer (manual mode) would be awesome.. I am guessing it needs to handle 15-20Amps at 36Volts to withstand charging/float voltages of 2 x12 volt lead acid batteries.

    Just an "idea".... :-)

    1. Have you taken a look at

  2. Thanks Nick, yes I took a look, but they only handle about 3A. I need 15-20A range (500-700w motor or so) and assuming 24 volts needs around 40 Volts to handle charging voltages of 24v lead acid batteries (or so I have been told)..

    the closest thing I have seen is "pololu" motor drivers for robotics but they are around $100 or so (although they do "regenerative braking" which would help battery life...

    Am still interested in buying your stuff but cant seem to use the Square Up store... any way to get you paypal money directly and you can just ship me the stuff - 2x AD8495 boards as a start...?
    Toronto Canada


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