Saturday, January 4, 2014

LCDuino update

The LCDuino shield adapter prototype boards arrived. With them, I got the LCDuino prototype to take over the GPS clock duties using the GPS shield

The Shield Adapter board worked perfectly on the first attempt. The prototype lacks a 3.3 volt power supply, so the 3.3 volt shield pin is NC, but the GPS module doesn't care.

It did point out a second wiring error in the prototype - the blue and green backlight control lines are reversed. I worked around that too in software for now, so the v0.3 LCDuino board will be the keeper.

The LCDuino ribbon cable mating into its plug on the Shield Adapter rides just a bit high - so the first shield in the stack winds up hitting it. I will probably use a right angle DIP header to work around that for the next one.

But LCDuino is well on track. I just hope it winds up being useful to more than just me.

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